Reveal Supernatural Intensive

This is a three month long Supernatural Intensive geared toward those seeking a deeper walk with God, increased communion with the Holy Spirit and a refined expression of the gifts of the Holy Spirit for the encouragement of the Body of Christ and power evangelism.  Combining the strength and benefits of being born out of the House of Prayer, Reveal connects intercessory prayer and intimacy with the Holy Spirit to the natural expression of demonstrating the power and love of Jesus in evangelism.  Reveal Supernatural Intensive is at its core an urban missionary training program for those who want to be trained to be extremely fruitful and manifest the Kingdom of God in everyday life.

The internship is designed to strengthen the believer’s walk with Christ and empower local churches and prayer rooms.  Students will be equipped, trained and encouraged to minister in the power of the Holy Spirit and to start power evangelism groups of their own.

The program in its entirety is two nights a week of teaching, equipping, and impartation. One night a week of guided power evangelism where the student will be taught how to minister in the power of Christ in public.

Monday: 7pm - 10pm (teaching & equipping)
Wednesday: 7pm - 10pm (guided power evangelism)


$500.00 to be paid upfront or monthly, plus a $30.00 registration fee


Download the application and send it to