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This PIHOP internship is designed to impart the core values of the house of prayer in the global context–cultivating intimacy with God, living a lifestyle of worship, and interceding with insight and authority. Interns will be equipped to serve, strengthen, and encourage God’s people through houses of prayer around the world.

This upcoming internship will be comprised of a Pasadena phase at PIHOP (8-12 weeks) and an overseas phase (8-12 weeks) at an emerging house of prayer in the Middle East. If you desire to see Him worshipped in every place, consider joining PIHOP for a season of adoration.


After completing this internship you will be equipped to:

#1: Minister prophetically in an international setting
#2: Intercede with insight into micro and macro issues in the Middle East
#3: Partner with local workers to equip the community

Adoration 1:11 Calendar:

Pasadena Phase - September to December

Middle East Phase - January to March

Pasadena Phase - April to May


Pasadena Phase:
Monday-Thursday: 8:00am-6pm
Friday: 4pm-12am
Saturday: 6pm-10pm