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PIHOP is proud to offer our first Intro to End Times Intensive. Spend 2 days getting equipped in understanding the end times through scripture.

There is more information in the Bible on the generation that the Lord will return to than any other time period, event, or topic in all of scripture. We commonly refer to this as “the end times,” but most Christians are not familiar with the scores of chapters God has given us on this important subject. The unfolding of the end time drama is a major part of God’s overall plan for redemption, culminating in the second coming of the Christ. 

This intensive aims to give you a biblical foundation about the end times by proving you a thorough introduction to the major themes that the scripture says will arise in the decades just before Jesus returns, the events that will unfold in the time frame of His coming, and the global transition that immediately follows His return. Join us for this provoking look at the Word of God as we dive into the end time drama. This intensive includes in-depth session notes and several times of Q/A to increase comprehension. 


About the instructor, Brad Stroup of The Prayer Room Missions Base:

Brad and his wife Amy reside in Dallas area with their three children where he serves as director of The Prayer Room Missions Base. This is a developing 24/7 house of prayer with live worship 18 hours a day run by a few full and part time staff members and a small army of volunteers. They have been holding daily corporate prayer meetings 7 days a week since September 13th, 2005, and have grown the ministry into a flourishing city-wide prayer reality with people coming from more than 100 churches. Brad is a student of the Word of God and has been an enthusiastic Bible teacher for almost 20 years. 

For the past 10 years he’s felt commissioned by the Lord to give specific focus to end times related themes. He spent two years teaching through the Book of Revelation verse by verse, committed a three year period of time where he prayerfully read through the Book of Revelation every week and has been teaching end time subjects near weekly for the last decade. Out of the overflow of this teaching ministry Brad started the Forerunner Equipping Center; a part time training school that focuses on equipping this generation to love the Lord with all their heart and make ready for His return. Brad also leads a national network of houses of prayer and travels around the US offering consulting to churches, HOPs and ministries wanting to cultivate a culture of prayer. Over the years Brad has been able to encourage dozens of houses of prayer, helping many to get started and strengthening others at various stages in their journey. 


Weekend Schedule

Day One: Three Lecture Sessions, 9am - 10pm

Friday, October 12 | 9am-12pm, 2pm-5pm, and 7pm-10pm


Day Two: Two Lecture Sessions, 9am - 5pm

Saturday, October 13 | 9am-12pm, and 2pm-5pm



Early bird registration fee: $50

Single day pre-registration fee: $40

Single day tickets are available, but discouraged. Plan ahead and reserve these 2 days for learning!


At-the-door registration fee: $75



If you have any questions, please contact



Grow in prophetic dream interpretation through this weekend enrichment class with PIHOP founder and director, Cheryl Allen.

Participants will explore the Biblical foundations, purpose and practice of prophetic dream interpretation in both personal and corporate applications.


Weekend Schedule:

Session I: Worship & Prophetic Dream Interpretation Lecture

Friday, August 24, 7:00pm-9:45pm, PIHOP Classroom, 1401 N Lake Ave


Session II: Prophetic Dream Interpretation Workshop

Saturday, August 25, 10am-4pm, PIHOP Classroom, 1401 N Lake Ave


Early bird registration Fee: $50

At-the-door registration Fee: $75

Questions? Contact Candy Garcia at

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SSM_Intensive18_v13 (dragged).jpg

Take time this summer to get equipped in ministry to Jesus or ministry with Jesus through the House of Prayer Intensive or School of Supernatural Ministry Intensives, with optional ministry trip to San Francisco.


July 2-7 | Equipping people to cultivate a prayer culture and build houses of prayer. Join us for ministry to Jesus (adoration), and creating an atmosphere for ministry with Jesus. Course topics include house of prayer DNA, envisioning people to the tabernacle of David reality, uniting the Body of Christ, administrative practices, and much more.


July 10-20 | Experience the school of supernatural ministry in the environment of a house of prayer. Join us for encounter (receiving from the Lord), prayer (agreeing with the Lord), and clinic time (practicing with the Lord).  Course topics include, accepted in the beloved, prophetic ministry, prophetic intercession, dream interpretation, physical healing, inner healing, power evangelism and much more.


July 2-20 | Take both the House of Prayer and School of Supernatural Ministry Intensives.


July 21-28 | Optional ministry trip to San Francisco.


House of Prayer Intensive

SSM Intensive



Summer Intensive Calendar

House of Prayer Intensive
July 2-7 (off July 4th)

School of Supernatural Ministry Intensive
July 10-20, Tuesday - Friday

Optional Ministry Trip to San Francisco
July 21 - 28



House of Prayer Intensive | all day commitment

School of Supernatural Ministry Intensive | 9 am - 1 pm



PIHOP staff and special guests



Online through and in-person in the Prayer Room. Checks can be made payable to PIHOP.



House of Prayer Intensive
150 pre-registration
200 at the door

School of Supernatural Ministry Intensive
250 pre-registration
300 at the door

Dual Intensive (both HOP and SSM Intensives)
300 with pre-registration

Ministry Trips (optional)
Additional cost to be determined



There may be shared housing options available for Intensive students in the Pasadena area for 450-500/month. Please contact for more information.