Intro Classes

Learn about ways in which you can participate in daily and nightly prayer and worship @ pihop through the various Intro Classes offered. With each class, you will be equipped with all you need to participate in that area of ministry. 


1st Saturday of the month
10 AM @ 1401 N. Lake Ave.

Hydrate is PIHOP's ministry to care for long-term missionaries through prophetic prayer appointments once a month with each worker. Through serving on a Hydrate team, you'll grow in the prophetic by learning how to pray over longer appointments, over a series of appointments, go deeper into revelation, and more. Take the Intro to Hydrate class to join a prayer team.


Every 4th Wednesday, 7 pM @ 1401 N. Lake. 

In Intro to Prayer Room and Devotion (Formerly Intro to Worship), learn about how to go into deeper devotion in the atmosphere of prayer and worship, and learn about the harp and bowl model of worship and prayer, one of the foundational elements of PIHOP. 


Thinking about joining a worship team? We offer auditions once a month on the 2nd Saturday of the month, promptly at 1pm in the Prayer Room (1403 N. Lake Ave).


Every 3rd Saturday of the month,  10 AM @ 1401 N. Lake Ave.

Learn to hear God's voice in your personal life and experience his heart for you. This class develops a biblical and experiential foundation for prophetic ministry .



Intro to Worship with the Word


Every 2nd Wednesday of "odd" numbered months (Jan, March, May, etc), at 7 PM @ 1401 N. Lake Ave.

Learn how to go deeper into the Word through worshipping the Lord with scripture. Worship with the Word is a prayer and worship format in which we agree with God's heart as we sing the biblical truths of his nature. Worship with the Word can help us to gain deeper revelation, knowledge and understanding about a specific Biblical passage or theme of Scripture. 



Intro to Intercessory Worship


Every 2nd Wednesday of "even" numbered months (Feb, April, June, etc), at 7 PM @ 1401 N. Lake Ave.

Learn how worship and intercession work together with the Holy Spirit in spontaneous song - how to worship lead, prayer lead, and sing on an intercession set, and why we do it!



Intro to Power & Love


Every 2nd Saturday of the month, at 10 AM @ 1403 N. Lake Ave.

Come learn effective evangelism tools and get activated in sharing the love of Jesus through the prophetic and healing.



Intro to Healing


Every 4th Saturday of the month, at 10 AM @ 1403 N. Lake Ave.

Learn how to pray for physical healing. Get trained in loving people into wholeness and health through the Holy Spirit. 


Intro to Prophetic Intercession (Formerly Intro to War Room)


Every 4th Saturday of the month, at 10 AM @ 1401 N. Lake Ave.

Introduction to strategic and prophetic intercession. Learn how to research and pray for a specific topic each week in the War Room, and participate in intercession sets in the prayer room during the week. This class is for anyone interested in growing in prayer!


Intro to Saturate Prayer


Learn how to soak people in the presence of God to bring emotional and physical healing without speaking a word.  Come be equipped to be a part of a new type of healing being offered at PIHOP! 

Please check for class offerings.