invest in the internal, invest in the eternal


PIHOP is a sacred space for individuals from all congregations, all denominations and all expressions to gather in one place to worship and pray.  Rather than belonging to just one congregation, we are committed to being a prayer room for the entire body of Christ in the Los Angeles region. 

This is your prayer room. It does not belong to a staff or congregation.  As it belongs to you, we want your involvement!  We are inviting you to invest and own it with your finances and time.  Whether you are a local congregation, a business owner, or an individual, we want you to take part in establishing your house of prayer.


SPONSOR A DAY - $440 / month

This is how it works!  Choose a day and invest in it - $440 a month. It’s as simple as that. We are looking for 30 churches, businesses, or individuals to each sponsor a day of the prayer room every month.

There are about 30 days per month.  Pick a date - whichever day (1st-30th),  and commit to invest $440 monthly. That day in the prayer room will be sponsored, made possible to be open and operating, by you.

SPONSOR A SET - $55 / month

If you want to invest in a whole day but can’t, invest in part of one by sponsoring a set at $55 a month

What’s a set? Each day in the prayer room we have eight 2-hour “sets” of worship and prayer in the prayer room. As a prayer room investor, pick a date (1st-30th), and fund part of that day, by sponsoring a set!


Click the button above to see which days and sets are available for sponsorship. This calendar is updated every Thursday.

Your monthly donation will fuel day and night worship, and strengthen our whole team - the whole body of Christ.


Churches - Invest in a day - $440 monthly.  Pick a day of the month and make it YOURS!  Own it.  Encourage your congregation to be a part of the day.  Take over one of the sets that day of the month.  Meanwhile you will be investing in YOUR house of prayer.  

Business Leaders - Invest in a day - $440 monthly; Invest in a set - $55 monthly. Similar to Cornelius, Tobias and Cyrus, invest in building the house of prayer in Los Angeles by investing your finances and time for that day monthly.  (And of course feel free to come all the time)

Individuals - Invest in a day or set - $440 or $55 a month.  Pick a day each month and own it!  Or get seven friends together to each contribute $55 monthly and invest in a full day! 

There will be a calendar near the prayer room, and we want to fill it up with names of all the churches, businesses and individuals who are committed to invest in our regional house of prayer.  


Questions? Have a vision for sponsoring an aspect of ministry at your house of prayer? Contact