If you resonate with the values of PIHOP and enjoy the prayer room and Friday Night gatherings, apply to lead or host a Reliance group! The commitment is 12 weeks (we'll have Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter groups), and there will be training for leaders. Please send completed applications to

This year, PIHOP will be launching RELIANCE GROUPS

Reliance groups will gather in homes for worship, the Word, Holy Spirit ministry, and community.  They will be held all over the region throughout the week, and will be a way for people to experience community among like hearts who value the house of prayer.

Each group will each have a unique emphasis, but they will all rely on the Word of God, rely on the Holy Spirit, and encourage the beauty of holiness through worship in Spirit and Truth.

Reliance groups are 3 month commitments, and will refresh every season (spring, summer, fall, winter)


Reliance groups meet during week except the first week of every month, during which we'll all gather at FIRST FRIDAYS for corporate worship with all Reliance groups. 


1. Reliance on the Word

2. Reliance on the Holy Spirit

3. Beauty of Holiness (worship and creating a lifestyle of obedience)