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Take time this summer to get equipped in ministry to Jesus or ministry with Jesus through the House of Prayer Intensive or School of Supernatural Ministry Intensives, with optional ministry trip to San Francisco.


Equipping people to cultivate a prayer culture and build houses of prayer. Join us for ministry to Jesus (adoration), and creating an atmosphere for ministry with Jesus. Course topics include house of prayer DNA, envisioning people to the tabernalce of David reality, uniting the Body of Christ, administrative practices, and much more.


Experience the school of supernatural ministry in the environment of a house of prayer. Join us for encounter (receiving from the Lord), prayer (agreeing with the Lord), and clinic time (practicing with the Lord).  Course topics include, accepted in the beloved, prophetic ministry, prophetic intercession, dream interpretation, physical healing, inner healing, power evangelism and much more.


Take both the House of Prayer and School of Supernatural Ministry Intensives.




Summer Intensive Calendar

House of Prayer Intensive
July 2-7 (off July 4th)

School of Supernatural Ministry Intensive
July 10-20

Optional Ministry Trip to San Franciso
July 21 - 28



House of Prayer Intensive | all day commitment

School of Supernatural Ministry Intensive | 9 am - noon



PIHOP staff and special guests



House of Prayer Intensive
150 pre-registration
200 at the door

School of Supernatural Ministry Intensive
250 pre-registration
300 at the door

Dual Intensive (both HOP and SSM Intensives)
300 with pre-registration

Ministry Trips (optional)
Cost to be determined



More information coming soon